When time allows I will add more here. As a “taster”, some information below:

Originally from Co Wexford in the South-East of Ireland, I landed in London about five years ago (via Scotland, Liverpool and Taiwan). The three constant strands in my unusual career so far have been: higher education, Christian ministry and working at the interface of cultural difference.

I worked in distance education in Africa for a time and also teaching Social Sciences with the Open University.

In another life, or so it feels, I was a student in Dublin and Aberdeen, ordained in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, serving as a church minister in Belfast and then in Ballina, County Mayo. Then followed a period working at Liverpool University.

In 2000 I took a masters degree in Chinese Law at SOAS and LSE and my life took an East Asian turn, with periods of further study in Taiwan and subsequent work as a commercial lawyer in Taipei.

At the end of 2005 I returned to Europe and to work in higher education. As well as being around the London School of Economics and at London Metropolitan University part-time, I act as “chaplain-at-large” for Reformed/Presbyterian students in London. My main office is at Lumen Church.

I remain more connected with Taiwan, and with Ireland, than I would have expected a few years ago. I am doing doctoral research in the area of Identity and Theology in Taiwan; I am involved with the Taiwan Research Programme at the London School of Economics in an interesting comparative project involving the study of Ireland and Taiwan; and with a Taiwanese Presbyterian minister I help to lead a new initiative to gather Taiwanese in London for support, community, worship, service and reflection.

Though based in London now, I still spend quite a number of weeks in Taiwan every year and travel to Ireland for work and family visits as often as I can.

Appropriately, perhaps, for someone in my line of work I have been a registered student at one university or another for most of my adult life, and have found myself enrolled to study Philosophy, Politics, Theology, Law and Mandarin Chinese (some of them more than once).